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Why Kafalat?

Be indifferent, stay motivated & recruit for the talent


ings to the team a high level of commitment and passion, coupled with years of experience to find best possible HR solutions for our clients.

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KAFALAT specializes in developing a customized suite of Organization Development and Effectiveness solutions which will be based on…

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KAFALAT helps organizations focus on their core processes by handling all the backend processes in an efficient and time-bound manner.

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Place for Kafalat Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd.

Kafalat Consulting (Pvt.) Limited incorporated in 2014 with the mission to serve the small scale business class of Pakistan. Afterword in the light of company vision it started to offer services to medium and large scale organizations of Pakistan. KAFALAT is offering its service in organization development consultancy (strategy formation, standardization and streamlining of business structures, process). The main focus of the company is to provide the solution of business management issues to business and process owners to achieve maximum output with minimum input by identifying the risks and threats and applying preventive solutions.

HR Consulting and OD Solutions

KAFALAT specializes in developing a customized suite of Organization Development and Effectiveness solutions which will be based on the operational models of the client organization.

  • Organization Redesign and Restructuring

    We advise organizations in redesigning their strategy on the organization set up and provide solutions through employing the major phases of restructuring i.e. Planning, Implementation

  • HR Policies & Processes

    KAFALAT formulates and designs HR Policies & Processes encircling the critical areas of HR Services and Operations, including regulatory and legal requirements.

  • Learning Interventions

    We offer Industry’s best learning interventions customized to our clients requirements. We provide finest Training Experts/Consultants to cater to the Management & Leadership Development needs of your organization.

Recruitment is a journey and we want you to experience corporate innovations

  • Providing technical recruitment defining in two ways not only skillset but also client mindset.
  • We can provide HR recruiters as a retainer (who will work according to terms of your company positions and provide profiles)
  • We can provide training if KAFALAT hired profiles to need some polishing in skills.
  • We will give you the proper pleasure of corporate recruitment, acquiring KAFALAT services if the client has assured us that hiring will be done from KAFALAT provided profiles (Service Level Agreement is negotiable and leverage will be provided)
  • We can provide you replacements for any position with quality individuals in less number of times.
  • Helping you to contract development.
  • We can approach your coverage, change management is essential in each organization.

HR Consulting and OD Solutions

Organization Culture Building
Compensation & Benefits
Performance Management Process
Talent Management Process
HR Information Studies