Compensation and Benefits Expertise

KAFALAT have best experts to offer in the area of Compensation & Benefits. We are fully conversant with related laws & guidelines. In this particular domain our expertise includes:

  • Conduct Salary & Benefit Surveys including customized reports for Clients.
  • Designing market based Pay-Structures based on relevant law Guidelines
  • Designing Pay-for-Performance/Variable Pay Program ranging from Sales Incentives to Performance Bonus plans for management, based on multiple components.
  • Designing, Rationalization & Monetization of benefits projects
  • Harmonization of Compensation & Benefits during mergers & acquisitions
  • Development of Severance Policies (based on local data & practices)
  • Development of Grading Systems (market driven)
  • C&B related training Roll-outs, including sessions for supervisors (critical/effective decision making)

Training and Development

The highly competitive environment in which businesses operate today requires a skillful workforce in every organization in order to remain a successful player in the competitive game of the industry. One of the main problems which occur in the workplace is the lack of training. A large number of employees can appear dissatisfied due to being assigned responsibilities without having the right knowledge and skills to perform the job roles. Training is an essential process which should be cautiously planned designed and implemented within all firms.

In every business, human resources are the most precious capital therefore it is important to invest in human resources through training in order to improve the quality of business. Modern conditions, dynamic competition, sophisticated information technology, economic knowledge, market globalization, have changed regarding importance of training & development in the organization. These conditions actualize and favor human capital as a strategic source for the organization. Differences in services industry exist only because of the differences between human resources, methods of management, training and development. And for this reason, training is often considered a tool to achieve organizational objectives. Employee training helps the organization to achieve its goal while in the same time enables workers to do a better job.